Farewell, Dave!


by Erin Alberda, LAc

In the spirit of David Letterman’s retirement, we thought this was fitting!  Here are the top 5 reasons to get Acupuncture at Alpine Integrated Medicine:


  1. Digestive Issues/Food Allergies.  While acupuncture will not fix food allergies, IBS, chrohns or colitis, acupuncture is extremely beneficial in treating some of the sequelae: nausea, sluggish digestion, constipation, poor appetite…especially while the “root” cause is addressed through Naturopathic means – allergy testing, lifestyle and diet guidance.


  1. Pain.  This is probably the obvious choice, but the mechanism in which acupuncture addresses pain is pretty cool – it not only addresses the physical/somatic symptoms, but also can impact the way the brain perceives pain via the limbic system.  So, acupuncture becomes a very good choice for those patients who are still experiencing pain, even if they have been adjusted, medicated, stretched, and other physical causes have been ruled out or treated.


  1. Stress.  Another somewhat obvious choice, but stress is such a huge contributor to chronic health issues, that acupuncture can be a powerful adjunctive treatment for conditions when you suspect that stress is an obstacle to improvement.  I have personally seen pretty cool results in patients with diabetes and high blood pressure as a result of adding acupuncture to their overall care plan.


  1. Skin Conditions.  A less obvious choice – but chinese medicine has some techniques and tools that can be very helpful for addressing acne, rashes, psoriasis or eczema.  I have some topical herbs in my arsenal that I love to use as well.


  1. Because it’s awesome.  No really, it is!   Many folks do have a bit of a needle phobia, as they do not know that acupuncture needles really bear little to no resemblance to hypodermic needles.  The sensation is not the same as getting a shot, there is often no sensation at all when the needle is introduced.


If you need one more reason, how about a $20 Acupuncture Happy Hour on June 18th at AIM from 4-6PM.  RSVP’s are appreciated or you can sign up on the FB event!


I’d love to hear from you all too…what are your favorite reasons to get Acupuncture?