If you’ve ever had back pain, then you know it’s no joke.  In fact, its the second most reported problem in the US, right after headaches, so many of us have had the “pleasure” of being sidelined with back stiffness, soreness, pain, or lack of mobility.  

In this case, AIM literally has your back.  In this month’s newsletter, our docs address the causes and treatments for back pain, and also provide some exercises to do at home that can help strengthen the back.

senior back pain wake upAIM March 2014 Newsletter<—Click Here for the Newsletter!                                                                 Feel free to print and share                                                                     with other sore-backed friends!

back bones

As always, if you find you are having back pain and need a little help, give us a call, and we can get you back to living a pain free life in no time.

We hope you enjoy the articles!

The AIM Team