By Lori Ferry’ RYT, Reiki Master Teacher

A Yoga class often begins with the instructor inviting students to silently “set an intention”.  In my very first yoga class, I heard the phrase, “set your intention”  and literally thought to myself, “What does THAT mean”?

What is an intention?

An intention can be something deeply personal, physical, emotional or something more tangible.  It can be a positive affirmation or something you would like to manifest into your life.

Intention in YogaIntentions can be simple, with only a few words, using something easy to remember during your yoga practice is a great place to start, maybe something such as “I start each day with a grateful heart”…  “I am my best self during this yoga class today”…  I release self-judgment today”.  By stating in your mind what your soul is needing most, your intention will manifest in some way.  You can use your intention to connect your practice to your Self.

The Benefits of Setting an Intention

The concept is to keep your mind and body in the present moment.  It is very easy for our minds to wander back to the grocery list or all the “things” we must do after class.  Setting an intention will help you have something to go back to, to bring your mind and body back to your yoga mat, and the added benefit, it lifts your spirit by filling it with joy, peace and tranquility; and who couldn’t use some more of that?


Lori teaches Vinyasa Yoga at 9am on Saturday mornings, join her in creating length, strength and flexibility in the body, stillness in the mind and joy in the heart.