Professional Referrals

When we martial our collective expertise, we can achieve great outcomes for our patients.  At AIM, we pride ourselves on how we handle referrals from our colleagues.  We never look to replace a patient’s primary provider, and we are happy to provide specialized care in collaboration and communication with our colleagues. Any colleague looking to refer can call us at (425) 949-5961 or reach out to us via the contact page.

Referrals for IV Therapy

Referrals for Cancer Care Support

Referrals for Men’s and Women’s Health

Referrals for IV Therapy

AIM is home to one of the best IV Suites in Washington, where patients can get potent, safe, and effective IVs.  The IV Suite is overseen by Dr. Gregory Robertson, ND, who leads the operations of the IV Room and directs medical staff in the IV Suite. 

You can take a look at our IV menu and options HERE, and click the button below to contact us with your referral.  You are also encouraged to call or email us to connect and communicate. 

New IV Patients can expect to have an intake visit (with no IV) before their first IV visit. We want to make sure that everything is perfect for your IV experience here. Please also note that we follow strict insurance guidelines for medical necessity, meaning that for the most part, Nutritional IVs at AIM are not billed to insurance.

Referrals for Integrative Oncology Support

We have designed a complete holistic Cancer Care support program led by Dr. Lisa Price, ND.  The program is designed in 3 Phases to nourish the patient before, during, and after their conventional cancer treatment.  

If you have a patient who is dealing with Cancer, and you would like a more collaborative approach to that aspect of your work with them, then we encourage you to reach out to us by phone or email to set up a consultation with Dr. Price to discuss how we might.

Please call us directly at (425) 949-5961 and we will connect you with Dr. Price so the two of you can communicate about what your needs are for your patient.

Referrals for Men’s and Women’s health

Do you have a patient interested in hormone therapy, but are not really experienced in working with that aspect of medical care?  We can help by working with you to get your patient care and communicate with you so that your work with that patient is fluid and uninterrupted.  Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz leads our Men’s and Women’s Health programs, and collaborates with AIM providers on care and treatment plans.

With decades of experience in Hormone therapy for both men and women, AIM is an ideal partner to work with in this area. We are happy to advise a patient on HRT, and then send them back to you for management or for their usual ND care.

We also offer bHRT Pellet Therapy from Evexias, and are happy to consult patients on this therapy or administer the pellets themselves.

Referrals for Chronic Pain, Mobility, Specialty GI or Digestive Care

Digestive issues can be complex and we are very happy to work with you and your patient to deliver specialized care in this area.  

Dr. Kimball has more than a decade of experience diagnosing and treating complex digestive disorders and is happy to work with your patient on that aspect of their care. We welcome referrals regarding chronic conditions and pain management, including EDS and Mobility disorders. We also appreciate referrals of patients who need help with their digestion and gut health.