What’s the best IV to get right now: AIM Multi-Vitamin or AIM Anti-Viral?

by Dr. Daniel Riordan IV, ND With COVID in the news and promising research on High Dose Vitamin C, Patients have been asking lately what the big difference is between our AIM “Multi-Vitamin” IVs and AIM “Anti-Viral” IV’s, and which one might be better during this pandemic. The main difference is the amount of Vitamin … Continued

From Dr. Shegeft: New Research Emerges about IV Vitamin C and Cancer Treatment

From Dr. Shegeft I wanted to share this article that I found yesterday.  Certainly there is still much research to be done, but it does seem like more people are recognizing the potential for Vitamin C, when delivered through an IV, to create more positive outcomes for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Here’s the text of … Continued