Eyes are the Windows to the Soul–Protect Yours! (May Newsletter)

In this month’s AIM Newsletter, the docs and Alpine Integrated Medicine discuss the topic of vision, and the promotion of healthy eyes through a variety of methods. As the sun comes out more and more this summer, eye protection and care becomes even more important, not to mention the fact that our eyes face an … Continued

Read the April Newsletter–Gallbladder Health and Diet!

Hi Folks, This month is all about the gallbladder, and how it relates to digestion.  Make sure to click the link below for a PDF version of the Apr 2014 Newsletter that is written monthly by AIM Staff.  As always, we work hard to bring you the best health information possible around our monthly theme, and … Continued

Spotlight on Yoga: Uddiyana Bandha Explained

Energy flows throughout our body through nadis or channels, an intricate system that connects at the chakra points and has storage points called ‘bandhas’.

Yoga classes now at AIM! Join us for FREE Yoga in February!

Greetings Patients and Friends of Alpine, and the local Redmond Ridge Community,   In the spirit of new beginnings, today we are excited to announce the start of our new Yoga program here at Alpine Integrated Medicine! Feb Yoga Schedule  (click this link for the flyer with class schedule, descriptions, and cost) We are hosting … Continued