Spring is just around the corner, and so is allergy season. An estimated one in four people  suffer from allergies in one form or another: sneezing, watery eyes, sinus troubles, asthma, frequent ear infections, persistent cough, skin irritation, headaches, muscle or joint pain, hyperactivity, and/or mental difficulties including confusion, slow thinking, and depression. Traditional treatment, however, is often only partially effective and inconvenient to pursue including multiple trips to the doctor and painful allergy shots.

For all of these reasons, our office is proud to offer AllergyEasy, a simple, lasting treatment without prescription medication, side effects, or frequent office visits. AllergyEasy allergy drops not only work faster than traditional treatment, they’re safer as well.

How does AllergyEasy work?

AllergyEasy treatment begins with a brief allergy test, a panel of 60 antigens tested on the skin of the patient’s back, similar to skin-scratch testing. Based on the results of the testing patients are prescribed a unique solution of liquid drops, which they take orally. The drops work by desensitizing the patient to whatever he or she is allergic to. In other words, the drops contain extracts of the dusts, molds, pollens and/or pet dander that give the patient the greatest trouble, and as the drops are used over time, the patient’s immune system gradually learns to “make peace” with these substances resulting in an end to allergy symptoms.

Even  better, patients who have used AllergyEasy report a cessation of their symptoms in as little as a few weeks or months, a dramatically shorter time period than the up to two years required for relief using traditional (and painful) allergy shots. Finally, AllergyEasy treatment is all natural, has no side effects, and does not carry the risk of an anaphylactic reaction, which can happen with conventional allergy shot treatment. AllergyEasy is so safe, in fact, that it can even be used by infants and young children.

Does AllergyEasy offer other benefits beyond those available with conventional treatment?

In addition to their safety and efficacy, AllergyEasy drops offer a number of other benefits over traditional treatment. Chief among these is convenience. Go anywhere, take anywhere AllergyEasy drops offer freedom from the doctor’s office and the ability to continue treatment while a patient travels. Additionally, the testing process is shorter than with conventional therapy and patients are spared the discomfort of regular allergy shots. As a result, AllergyEasy drops save time and energy, and particularly if the patient is a child, relief from struggles around the pain of traditional treatment.

What else can you tell me about AllergyEasy? How long has it been used, and what do others have to say about it?

Oral drops therapy was originally invented 60 years ago, and has been used extensively world-wide with good results. In Europe, for example, more than 50% of allergy patients rely on treatment with drops instead of shots. Oral drops therapy is endorsed by the World Health Organization, and has been repeatedly demonstrated effective through research. Reporting on oral therapy, the Scientific American concluded, “allergy drops were as effective as shots and, not surprisingly, were better accepted by patients and were safer.”

Doctor Brooke is an AllergyEasy provider, and is happy to help patients of all ages find quick, painless relief to their allergy struggles. Give our office a call today at 425.949.5961 to stop sneezing and start feeling better.