With fall comes colds and flu.  With only a week of school gone, some students are already feeling the effects of influenza.  For some, this illness causes mild to
severe respiratory distress, runny or stuffy nose, malaise and fatigue that typically last for weeks. However many of our patients have found that they have been able to fight off this illness much quicker than their friends and partners and in some cases not get sick at all.

IV TherapyAt Alpine Integrated Medicine (AIM), we provide many options to optimize your health, naturally. We offer an alternative to flu vaccine that helps your immune system get ready for the cold and flu season. We also offer a Super Immune Boost IV Therapy, most commonly known as a Myer’s Cocktail. This blend of vitamins and minerals is extremely helpful in the treatment of wide variety of conditions and can help prevent illness in the first place.

Every year, you hear about the need to get a flu shot, but this might not be the best strategy. Now that every pharmacy and grocery store is trying to cash in, it’s hard to go anywhere without getting pressured to get your flu shot.  At our clinic, we are in no way “anti-vaccine”, but we do think that illness prevention is more complex than your local “Wal-Whatever” store would have you believe.  Keep in mind that your local grocery store has little interest in your actual health, and a significant interest in selling cheap flu vaccines along with its other products.

Flu experts are challenging the medical orthodoxy and arguing that for those most in need of protection, flu shots may provide little to no protection. A 2009 article in the Atlantic pointed out that even though the percentage of people who are vaccinated against flu raised from 15% in 1989 to over 65% in 2004, the death rate among the elderly during flu season increased instead of decreased! Other studies have shown that there has been no trend between falling behind in vaccination and immunization rates and an increase in mortality rate due to the flu.  What’s more, flu vaccines are based on the best guess of what flu strain(s) will be present in a given year.  If the strain you contract is not the one predicted, then the vaccine will do next to nothing.

So pass the word, come in to get a Super Immune Boost IV Therapy and fight off this seasons flu naturally.