holistic mental health

The Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Why You Should Consider Naturopathic Care for your Mental Health by Dr. Randall Carpio  As our understanding of psychiatric healthcare evolves and grows so too does our acknowledgment of how social, emotional, and physical well-being factors deeply affect our mental health status. As we enter Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we reflect on a … Continued

Brain Health: A Three Part Series

by Dr. Lisa A. Price This is the first in a series of articles on brain health. We will explore normal brain aging, ways to protect and maintain a healthy brain at any age, ways to support brain health during chronic illness, and prevention of brain related disorders and neuro inflammation.  Maintaining brain health is … Continued

Nourishing the Female Athlete: A Closer Look at Nutrition and the Hormone Cycle

As a female athlete in the world of running, cycling, and other outdoor adventures, I’ve firsthand felt the challenges that come with developing a nutrition plan to support athletic goals and achievements. Further, for us as women, food is all too often acknowledged only as calories and how it directly correlates to our appearance, adding … Continued

Eating Your Way Through Cancer: The Power of Nutrition in Treatment

When it comes to battling cancer, every little bit of strength and resilience counts. But did you know that what’s on your plate can play a starring role in your recovery journey? Welcome to the fascinating interplay between diet and cancer treatment! 1. Be Your Own Superhero: Boost Your Immunity An army marches on its … Continued

Brain on fire?  Let me help calm your nerves!

by Dr. Evelyn Le, ND Happy Summer! We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. This article is hopefully quite relevant to you, as the topic is the healthy management of stress.  In this article, I will recap what we can do to help with moods, stress, and burnout, especially post-pandemic after lengthy wintertime, and we … Continued

Create a Life You Love with Simple Strategies to Promote Well-Being

In this fast-paced world, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and forget to take care of ourselves. But maintaining good health is crucial for leading a happy and sustainable life. With the right habits and mindset, you can prioritize self-care and improve your overall well-being. In … Continued

True Bedroom Confessions

As a doctor who specializes in hormones and everything menopause and andropause, I hear a lot of the same problems over and over again and I thought it would be good in this newsletter edition to normalize a few of these.  My hope is that by putting these things out there, those of you who … Continued

SIBO: The real reason you cannot stop farting and your pants don’t fit 

I have been helping people with their farting, bloating and poop problems for a long time. Way back in 2010 and learned about a condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, also known as SIBO, which is responsible for 70% of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms (IBS). The good news is we can fix SIBO and get … Continued

How to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle While Saving Money

Eating healthy and staying fit doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re on a budget but still want to stay active, there are some simple ways to save money while still enjoying the benefits of healthy living. Here are a few steps you can take to focus on your mental and physical wellness without breaking … Continued