Recover Faster to Work Out Harder

Athletic Performance and Physical Rehabilitation at AIM

We work with athletes of all levels to optimize and enhance their athletic performance naturally and sustainably. We have worked with teens, adult casual athletes, and even Olympians and current and former professional athletes.

Safe, Natural, & Holistic Athletic Performance Enhancement

By looking at your body composition, genetics, and micronutrient levels through our specialized medical testing, we can prescribe a regimen of the perfect balance of vitamins and supplements that will help you to achieve your personal athletic goals.

Simply put, using the best of modern medicine, we can help you recover faster from workouts or big competitions. With a combination of diet, supplementation, lifestyle and other medical modalities, we can help your body achieve its peak performance for any activity.  

Our work includes both long term work, such as diet, supplementation, rehabilitation/training/therapy, and also short term boosts such as immunity, hydration, and metabolic enhancing IV Vitamin Therapy. Calcium/Magnesium Oral Supplements, and especially IV Therapy, can be the key to maximizing your recovery and thus optimizing your performance.

If you want to take a comprehensive and holistic look at your own athletic performance and fitness, book a visit with one of AIM’s NDs.

Relieve Pain in your Muscles and Joints

Age is the enemy!  As we age, our bodies start to experience pain from our athletic pursuits. 

AIM has several medical therapies that can relieve pain and improve healing to injured joints and muscles.

IV Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, Prolozone Therapy, and Acupuncture are all used to relieve pain naturally.

Athletic Training, Rehab, and Preparation

We are not “Physical Therapists”, but in fact our physicians are very skilled at therapy or injury rehabilitation for athletes.

From therapy exercises to help healing, strength and motion, to Kinesio Taping before physical exertion to help protect from injury, we provide a unique and holistic approach to recovery.