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Nutritional IV Therapy at AIM


IV Therapy at AIM is your best option for IV Therapy and Vitamin Infusions on the Eastside.

Relax in a contemporary, calming, and clean environment while we quickly rejuvenate you with IV fluids, vitamins and medications, fully customized as needed.  IVs are a wonderful part of an integrative and proactive health and wellness regimen, and treatment times average about an hour.

IV at AIM is completely personalized to you.  We recommend starting with an intake visit with one of our doctors to discuss your needs and what formulations will be best for you.  In fact, for Tier 2 and 3 IVs, we do require a consultation with a physician before we can administer.  If you are looking for a quick IV that is still potent and effective, consider our Tier 1 IVs.  

My experience with the Wellenss Wave has been excellent. I find it a wonderful option for preventative care and maintaining health during the winter months or in shortening the healing process when illness becomes unavoidable. There have been times over the past couple of years when starting to feel lousy, I came in for a Wellness Wave/Meyer’s Cocktail knowing I couldn’t afford ill health. After receiving this vitamin therapy I felt an increase in my energy within a day and my ailment improved and went away within 24 to 48 hours. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who wishes to maintain their health during the winter season or who desires a quick way to heal themselves from an impending illness and to do so in a healthful way.

IV Therapy Menu & Pricing

IV Therapy can be a little confusing, because its quite complex.  While some IV Rooms use only pre-made bags with low potency, AIM and other high quality IV rooms make IV bags on site, often using custom formulations.  IVs have different components, and different potencies.  This leads to a wide range of cost for different IVs.  What’s more, the cost of the components of the IVs change often, and have been increasing lately.

Nutritional IV Therapy is not covered by insurance, and is therefore paid for by the patient at time of service. 

When you call to book an IV as a new patient, our front desk will ask you a couple of questions to determine what IV is right for you, and depending on your needs may suggest an office visit with a physician to discuss IV options. During your initial visit, the doctor will do a complete intake, and discuss the optimal IV formulation for your needs. 

For return patients, we’ll get you right to the IV.  The intake is billable to your insurance, or can be paid in cash at time of service.

If you have been wanting to try IV Therapy, but don’t want a full intake visit, we can book most of our Tier 1 IVs with only a brief intake. The intake for patients in this situation has an out of pocket cost of $50.