By AIM Staff

shutterstock_499697026As a mom to be, you are of course doing everything you can to have a healthy newborn. Have you considered IV Therapy for nutrients during your pregnancy?

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy for pregnancy will directly inject each nutrient that you need into your bloodstream.  Through bypassing the digestive system, your body’s cells are directly exposed to the vitamins and minerals, giving them a chance to absorb them without interference and in as little time as possible.

The demand of many, but not all, micronutrients increases during pregnancy.  Deficiencies can exist because of losses or malabsorption due to inadequate intakes, lack of knowledge about adequate prenatal nutrients, dietary taboos associated with pregnancy, with potential adverse consequences for both mothers and newborn infants or simply because of several weeks of vomiting!

As a component of prenatal care, micronutrient supplements might reduce maternal morbidity and mortality.  Prenatal vitamins have been on the market for years.  These oral supplements provide daily doses of the many nutrients that mothers will need to keep their babies healthy throughout pregnancy.  However these vitamins do not take into account that each woman is different thanks to their individual health, daily activities, preexisting conditions and digestive health.  While orally ingested vitamins and healthy diets will help expose your body to the nutrients it needs, a vast portion of these supplements will not be absorbed due to the digestive process.

Some common concerns with IV therapy and pregnancy:

When thinking about infusions, most moms may be concerned about possible “overdosing” during pregnancy, “fetal storage”, and early contraction.

In terms of overdosing – Although there are true concerns in cases of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, most of the water soluble vitamins in a “Multi-vitamin” IV is completely safe as long as the physician follow accepted dose and administration guidelines.  In fact in most cases, a Multi-vitamin IV is serving to replenish the mom and the child with nutrients and minerals that are needed for a healthy pregnancy.

In terms of fetal storage – Yes, it is true that in the third trimester the fetus starts to store some of the trace elements such as iron and copper.  However one must realize that this is biologically necessary so that baby can grow quickly after birth.

Contractions – Calcium, magnesium and potassium are potentially contractile so in pregnancy are dosed to tolerance.  We dose these minerals with ratios that are tolerated by both mother and fetus based on many years of clinical experience and research studies.  Some of these studies have even suggested that magnesium can help with improving antioxidant status in the mom and newborn.

The use of parenteral hydration is another significant help to the pregnant woman.  In the setting of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy these can bring great comfort and also reduce complications in pregnancy.

All in all, IV Therapy can help you keep their nutrients at their peak, leading to a healthier mommy and a healthier baby.