by Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz

pollen springSpring is here, and along with it comes some very familiar sounds….birds chirping, bees buzzing, frogs croaking… and people sneezing!  Pollen, the lifeblood of nature that brings renewal every year but plays havoc on the immune system in 10-30% of the worldwide population, is back!  And this year it’s looking like it may be a bad one due to warmer weather and higher CO2 causing more leaves and plants to grow and produce a higher pollen count.  This means those that have allergies will have more allergy days and those of us without allergies may start to feel the effects of the high pollen count.

drops  There has been an emergence of more and more research on SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) treatments and the efficacy and ease of use versus traditional allergy shots in the last few years.  We at AIM have been using Allergy Easy ( for the last 10 years and have seen the results first hand.  The series of droppers are mostly tasteless and easy to take for all ages.  The treatment takes 3 months to complete with 80% of people not having to ever go through the series again.  Most people will see a decrease in their allergy symptoms within the first month, so usually we try and start treatment before the season starts, but it is never too late!  Within the first 2 months of therapy people can expect to decrease or stop other allergy treatments like allergy shots, and over the counter meds like Benadryl, Claritin and Flonase.

girl flower natureAllergy Easy is designed to also help with mold, dog/cat dander, dust and dust mites… so it treats all allergies year round!  In our experience, most people do 3 months for a lifetime of relief, some need to renew their immunity yearly with a 1 month maintenance bottle, and even fewer need to do a daily drop for year round allergies like mold or pets.  All in all, AllergyEasy is a convenient, cost effective treatment for all your allergy needs.

Set up an appointment this month to see how you can be on your way to being allergy free in just a week.  You owe it to yourself this summer!


Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz is the founder and Medical Director of Alpine Integrated Medicine. AIM works with complex allergy cases of all types, ranging from food allergy to environmental, with excellent success.  AIM is proud to serve the Redmond Ridge Community, and larger Eastside area.