Warrior Princess2There have been rumors and speculation, but our sources can finally confirm the whispers: IT IS ON! The AIM team and our significant others have officially registered for Washington Warrior Dash 2013. Are you warrior enough to join us? We are signed up for the 3 pm wave on July 20 and there are still spaces available. http://www.warriordash.com/register.php?loc=Washington&yr=2013

A pre-race function will be held here at the office for all participants. Bring a used t-shirt and we will spray-paint our logo on all team AIM warriors! Also free that morning: kinesio taping with Dr. Mo and a B12 injection. After you get those out of the way, down some arnica and pre workout with Kindra, Nikki and Dr. Brooke, and head out in the AIM warriors caravan for the battle ground in Bonney Lake. Soldier alongside us as we brave obstacles including a giant cargo net, climbing over junk cars, scaling the warrior wall, leaping over logs on fire and, of course, 3 plus miles of mud. A prize will be awarded to the best dressed AIM warrior (as decided by AIM staffers).

Over the fire

Worried about finishing alive and intact? April personal training specials are still good for a few more days. Until the end of the month, take 15% off private and small group training packages, $25 off a nutrition consultation, or sign up for an 8 week challenge program that includes both fitness and nutrition services.

Stay tuned for additional information and photos of the AIM crew’s Wednesday WARRIOR-READY workouts…

You know you want to wear the fuzzy helmet at the finish line. We think Kindra is rockin’ the one pictured here like a boss, er, Warrior Princess.