Allergy EasyThe Baltimore Sun published an article last week on the remarkable effectiveness of sublingual allergen drops in lieu of traditional allergy shot therapy. A link to the article, which summarizes the findings of the doctors at Johns Hopkins who studied the drops, is here for your convenience:

Weighing in on the matter, and explaining why she has personally prescribed the allergy drop therapy to her clients for years, AIM’s founding Naturopathic Physician Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz writes,

At AIM, we have been using a company called Allergy Easy ( to provide sub-lingual allergen therapy. The product treats 60 of the most common Pacific Northwest allergies through a desensitization process involving homeopathic dilutions of these antigens. The results are stunning to say the least. Most people will experience a 50-90% resolution of symptoms after the 3 month program. Some patients may need to do it one time per year, others need to do a maintenance dropper only at the start of the allergy season, some people do 1 drop daily to weekly. Basically, everyone is treated as an individual at AIM, and so is their treatment protocol. The ease of this treatment makes it doable for even children, due to no shots being involved and no daily medication beyond the initial series. This article just further illustrates the benefit of sub-lingual allergy drops through clinical studies. Here at AIM, we are always looking for the science to back up what we are already seeing work for our clients! Here’s to your health this allergy season.

If the onset of spring has found you sniffling and sneezing, please give us a call today. Using the best available alternative and traditional therapies, we are here to help.