By AIM Staff

One of the tools we utilize as part of our weight loss program is a genetic test called GxSlim. It is a genetic test that only requires a cheek swab, similar to other genetic tests available on the market. However, what makes this test different is that they look specifically at genes that are contributing to weight loss ability.

Remember, genetic testing looks at genetic tendencies and susceptibilities based on research of various genetic mutations/variants and doesn’t give you information about you current state of health. However, what is great about utilizing genetic tests is that they allow us to know what we are working with.

We may not have the ability to change our genes but we can affect change on which genes are turned off or on with diet and lifestyle changes. Our genes are influenced by our environments and what we put into our bodies.

shutterstock_769567186GxSlim looks at 48 genetic markers that have scientifically shown to code for a variety of genetics traits that influence weight loss. The genetic test breaks down your body’s utilization of food. It looks at a number of genes and ranks your ability to utilize proteins, fats and carbohydrates as low, below average, normal, slightly enhanced or enhanced. By looking at your body’s utilization of these macronutrients, you can work at optimizing your diet in favor of your genetic makeup. For example, if you genetics say you have a normal utilization of carbohydrates, the percentage of your daily intake of complex carbohydrates may not affect your ability to lose weight as long as you are reducing calorie intake overall. Therefore, if you decreased overall calorie intake with either a low, moderate or higher complex carbohydrate diet, it does not affect your ability to lose weight.

GxSlim also looks at genes involved in vitamins and micronutrient metabolism. Although there have not been direct studies showing micronutrients’ effect on body weight and fat, your body utilizes micronutrients in a variety of metabolic pathways.

shutterstock_588689654Finally, GxSlim studies genetic markers related to exercise. It assesses your genetic makeup on your body’s response to cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The variety of genes they look at can help you determine your genetic tendencies to lose fat and to improve cardiovascular fitness through cardio, as well as your body’s HDL, blood sugar and insulin responses to cardio.

GxSlim is a great tool to utilize to help guide your weight loss goals. Although we cannot change our genetics, when we know what are genetics are it can help us work towards creating lifestyle changes that can influence the expression of those genes.

Alpine Integrated Medicine_13_DecIf you are committed to getting in better shape this year, let’s discuss how our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program including this incredible Genetic test can benefit you and lead to long term success.