brookebioIt’s hard to believe, but the holidays are upon us and that means the end of the year is close.  That also means the start of a new calendar year for many people’s insurance is about to begin.  Here at AIM, we always try and be conscious of our patient’s wallets.  That is why I am reminding you to use what you pay for!

Have you used all your benefits?  Microsoft employees, did you know your Premera Insurance now includes massage and acupuncture? Do you know your insurance benefits? If not, give us a call.  We do insurance verifications on all our patient s to make sure that we know what your insurance provides and requires in order for us to treat you.  Did you know that we offer services such as custom made orthotics, food allergy testing, micronutrient testing, genetic testing, gut/biome testing, heavy metal testing, and sublingual allergy drops?  All of which are either billable directly to your insurance, and if you have met your deductable would be covered at 100%, or would be able to be submitted for reimbursement to your insurance, which too would be reimbursed in full if you have met your deductable.

digestive systemThis month, our newsletter’s focus is the gastrointestinal tract.  Most people associate disease of this organ with names like celiac, chrohn’s, and IBS.  But did you know that your GI tract has an effect on more than just your bowels and absorption of food?  It can affect your mood, brain function, immune system, hormones and even the actions of your medications and supplements.  We have many ways to assess this function.  Many of which can be billed or reimbursed through insurance.

We can look at food sensitivity testing and tell you what foods may be causing inflammation in your gut and thus leading to an over stimulation of your immune system.  This results in many common GI disorders as well as other symptoms such as headaches/migraines, skin conditions, depression/anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD, etc.  Saliva and stool testing can tell us about your past and current exposures to various parasites and pathogens and guide us in coming up with specialized treatments utilizing specific gut microbes, enzymes, supplements and prescriptions when necessary. Blood tests that examine functional levels of vitamins and minerals in your body give us insight into your ability to absorb these molecules into your blood stream and therefore what is available to your body for daily use.  With this information, we can formulate specific supplement protocols, or even Multi-Nutrient IV drip treatments, to optimize your health.  Regular screening with some of the above mentioned tests can help our doctors not only diagnose and treat your current health concerns, but also monitor your body and prevent disease in the future.

So, as this year comes to a close, make sure you give yourself and your family the best gift of all, the gift of health and wellness.

Happy Holidays,


Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz