coed athletesCompetitive athletes push their bodies to the limit and getting that edge could be the difference between winning and, well, not winning.  Competitive greatness means finding those edges you’re your opponents don’t have.

Enhancing your performance is not only for the “competitive” athlete, however.  Remember your immune system is also competing every day and, in that case, winning really is everything.

Our metabolism converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins found in food into energy through a complex series of chemical reactions.  These reactions are catalyzed by enzymes that require vitamins and minerals as either limiting factors or cofactors.  These include vitamin C, B, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc.  Consuming large amounts of these nutrients orally can cause digestive stress.  However through IV therapy, you can introduce large amounts of vitamin C and Magnesium through the venous system and bypass the digestive tract.  It’s a super-charged vitamin boost that can’t be achieved by taking, say, vitamin C, orally.

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of IV therapy to increase your immune system and give you the nutrients you need to fight an active infection.  In this article we are going to concentrate more on how IV therapy can also help athletes get that extra edge.

IV Drip MaleThough still called “IV Vitamins”, our protocol for athletic performance includes not only vitamins, but minerals and other nutrients such as amino acids and glutathione.  The benefits of glutathione include an increase in stamina and delayed muscle fatigue in endurance trained athletes.  It is also essential in opening up the bronchial and decreasing congestion as well as helping you focus mentally.

Other minerals, like magnesium, can help relax your muscles and help prevent and treat muscle fatigue.  B-vitamins like B12 and B-complex can help adrenal support and enhance your energy while Potassium Chloride can support electrolyte replacement.

Having these nutrients in your body ahead of time can reduce fatigue.  By delivering the nutrients your body needs to fuel itself, IV therapy is designed to enhance endurance and stamina safely, legally, and naturally.  However it is just as important in-between and after an athletic performance, as a way to help your body recover.  In this way it will give your body exactly what it needs, exactly where it needs it: quickly regenerating, repairing and recreating the cells and tissues that you use for athletic performance.

IV Therapy for athletes is about optimizing your system to take full advantage of your hard work and training.  So before, in-between, and after, your athletic activity, make sure you get the nutrients and minerals that your body is craving at The Drip, AIM’s own Nutritional IV Therapy and Vitamin Bar.  It will be the best 45 minutes you spend all day, and maybe all season, long.