This week we received a wonderful testimonial from a patient. Give it a read!

“Last November I was going through something truly unexplainable. To understand the situation you have to understand me…I am a very driven, active and full of energy type of person. Over a period of time I began to feel very sluggish, very tired to the place that one day I came home for lunch and asked my wife to wake me in about 20 minutes so I could take a nap. This is completely out of character for me. I NEVER took naps or missed work and yet I was waking up more tired that I went to bed and was unable to function. My wife took me into to Alpine Integrated Medicine to see Dr. Shegeft and get checked out. This event led to the most amazing experience in medicine I have seen. To this point I had never been to a Naturopathic Doctor and to be totally honest was fairly distrusting of doctors in general. Dr. Shegeft spent a lot of time getting a full history and hearing about what was going on with me. He asked so many questions and quite frankly just listened to me explain what was happening. At this point Dr. Shegeft and Dr. Brooke decided to schedule one of the most extensive blood work ups I had ever experienced and once the results were received I spent a follow up meeting going through a detailed explanation of what was happening in my body and what needed to happen to correct the situation. Dr. Shegeft prescribed a series of vitamins and other natural items that would help get my body back on track. After only a couple of days I was feeling like I was 20 years younger full of energy and focused. They went on to prescribe other regimens that addressed the other deficiencies in my body and explained eating patterns and meals that would promote good health. It has been nearly 1 year and I am feeling AWESOME! I refer this clinic every time I get the chance and was totally overwhelmed by the service, attention and care given by both doctors. Every visit totally overwhelms me and goes well beyond my expectations. The experience has renewed my faith in medicine and solidified my commitment to naturopathic medicine. My body is functioning so well I am conquering things in life that men half my age aren’t able to accomplish.

Thanks Dr. Shegeft and Dr. Brooke for everything and I appreciate ALL your help.”