by Debbie Yu, MS, L.Ac


Qigong translates to “cultivating the life-force” It serves as a self-empowering tool to move energy, disperse stagnation and to increase energy.

In Chinese medicine, fall is the season of the Lungs. The Lungs breathe in “fresh inhaling clear qi,” oxygen, and energy that support our immune system. Those with compromised Lung qi may be those who travel frequently or work with young kids. They catch the common cold more frequently than others, are more susceptible to allergies, have poor temperature regulation, and may sweat spontaneously.

qigong1“Lifting the Sky” is a simple, yet effective qigong exercise that works with the Lung organ and meridian. It boosts the Lung qi, reduces neck and back pain, and lifts depression!

  1. Begin standing upright, with feet hip-width apart. Palms face down, with fingers pointing towards each other. Gaze is slightly down, looking at your hands. Shoulders and jaw are relaxed.



2. Inhale and lift your hands up to face the sky. Gaze follows (if okay with your neck). Take a slight backbend as you reach the top.


qigong33. Exhale and gently release your hand down along your sides, like a bird lowering its wings. Your neck and posture gently return to the starting position.



Repeat 10-20x (~2-5min)/day. Try for 30 days in a row!