During a standard workout in the gym, I managed to strain my back. The result was unimaginable pain centered under my left scapula. This was later diagnosed as a muscle ‘seizure’ or spasm that was clustered about T5 or T6. This area was X-rayed and examined by a radiologist at University Hospital and I was diagnosed with micro fractures in the aforementioned vertebrae. I was given standard synthetic narcotics and a muscle relaxant and told to ‘wait it out’. Having two daughters, a job, and a life, I found both the pain and the narcotics equally disadvantageous. Following the advice of Kindra Reid, I sought the possibility of massage therapy as a way to ameliorate the pain. Nichole Santoro at Alpine Integrated Medicine (AIM) took me on as a patient. After four visits, Ms. Santoro effectively identified and addressed the issue, applied appropriate therapy, and, as a result, I am currently pain-free and no longer using narcotics. The professionalism and patient-centered care at AIM is evident from the moment you enter the office and I highly recommend the services of Ms. Santoro. Sincerely, Matt H.