flu, female, purchasedWe are not vaccine-haters or vaccine deniers here at AIM.  However, we also recognize that the flu is much more complicated than your local super-wal-store would have you believe, as they attempt to sell another “vaccine”.  Here’s the thing about flu vaccines: they are based on an educated guess.  Researchers take their best guess at the particular strains of influenza that will be prevalent in a given season, and design vaccines based on those strains.  What often happens, though, is that there are more strains out there than are being kept at bay by the flu shot in a given year.

At AIM, we have a natural method of preventing sickness this cold and flu season.  That’s the subject of this post.

We use a combination of Oscillococcinum© & B12/B complex to help our patients prevent the flu, and to reduce the severity of symptoms should it occur.

“Help keep away those “vaccine blues” before/after getting your flu shot, or try a safe and effective, natural alternative. Homeopathic Oscillococcinum© helps treat ALL the symptoms associated with the flu. Combine that with the immune boosting effects of B- vitamins and you are setting yourself up for a healthy winter season.”

What is Oscillococcinum©?

OscillococcinumOscillococcinum is a homeopathic preparation designed to prevent and treat the symptoms of the flu. The influenza vaccine is a preparation of 2-3 strains of what experts believe will be the most common virus causing this years flu.  Oscillococcinum is a more generalized treatment for the common symptoms. Used before someone gets sick, along with immune boosting B-vitamins, it can act as a natural, homeopathic, vaccine. If you currently have symptoms of the flu, studies show that complete resolution or clear improvement can be seen within 48 hours.

Please call now to make your appointment BEFORE you get sick!  Prevention is the best medicine. AIM for health!