Happy March to my fellow health care enthusiasts!

Shoulder_pain_drawingThis month’s newsletter is on a topic that can be important to anyone who wants to fully enjoy the spring and summer weather in the Pacific Northwest.  Join and Body pain and the limited movement that can cause or result from it can put a huge damper on your camping and hiking plans this summer.  Now’s the time to work out those kinks and set yourself up for the best summer yet!

We hope that you will enjoy the articles, and encourage you to take advantage of everything AIM has to offer, including massage, acupuncture, and physical rehab exercise, that can help your body to perform optimally and be pain-free.

Click the link below for the PDF of the newsletter, or stop in for a print copy.  Also, remember to check back throughout the month for other articles and for full versions of the articles in the newsletter.

March 2015 AIM Newsletter