By Chanda Joelle Zeigler, LMP, CSP


massageMassages are absolutely amazing right?! But how many of us are willing to commit or even have the extra time or money to add one more weekly appointment to our already packed schedules?

I totally get it.

The reality of our lives is that we are in constant motion. Scrambling to stay on top of all of the schedules: work, school, sports, family time… Most often to the detriment of our own physical well being.

We live in a time of push through get it done rest later. Catch up on those missed hours of sleep over the weekend… Which ends up adding more stress because now the leaves from that beautiful old maple are piling up on the driveway, your sweet snugly dog’s breath is horrific from waiting another week for a dental visit, the kids are upset and fighting since they have to wait yet again to see that new movie at the theater…

This is the story of many of our lives. We notice our clothes aren’t fitting from that extra 15 pounds that just snuck up. We notice how much older, tired, and worn out we look. Plus the pain. Creaky joints, stiff back, feeling out of breath after a short jaunt up that small staircase to the bathroom. The spark of energy, passion and inspiration we once new so well has seemingly vanished without us even realizing it.

What has happened to us? 

Disconnect. We have apparently detached from a part of ourselves that we forgot even existed. But which part?

Many of us feel like something is missing, but aren’t able to identify exactly what that piece is.

Self CARE. Self LOVE.

self loveThere is a magic about self care that speaks to the depth of our psyche in a way that creates a feeling of gratitude, love, acceptance, and a source of unlimited internal energy that coffee, Red  Bull or Rock Star will never fulfill in the long run. Our bodies crave nourishment, Self CARE, Self LOVE.

We spend a ton of time, money, and most importantly, energy seeking acknowledgment from our peers, coworkers, friends, loved ones through material items and social status. We obtain these things, but still feel an empty space. What’s missing??

Self CARE. Self LOVE.

Can you imagine what life would feel like if the only love, attention, and acceptance you required to feel amazing came from within you?

massage faceThe beauty of Massage is that it quickly connects us to the part of ourselves we miss most of the time- the feeling part. More specifically, the good feeling part. During a massage we can receive without any distractions or having to immediately give back. It’s a time where we can escape our reality, in a healthy way, for just enough time to let go, tune in, quiet our mind, relax! Massage awakens our senses, promotes the release of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin-all hormones that help us sleep, feel happy and content. Massage calms our nervous system, reducing the release of stress hormones, flushes our lymphatic system, stimulates circulation, decreases muscular tension, lowers blood pressure, and most importantly connects us to our body’s innate wisdom.

Connecting with this wisdom keeps up engaged deeply with every aspect of our being-mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. A relationship is built. Communication is established. We begin to feel complete. Content. Fulfilled.

When the relationship within our body, mind, spirit, is established, the innate wisdom is released and communicated with in all of our systems, supporting and inspiring us in making good decisions that nurture, protect and strengthen us inside and out.

Make the time for Self CARE. Love your beautiful Self. You are totally worth it!


Join Chanda for a relaxing or therapeutic massage by giving us a call and booking a visit.  Have you taken advantage of your massage benefits this year?  Most people don’t even know their plan allows for 10 massages each year.  If your deductible is paid, now is the time to indulge before the year is out!