Want a great xmas gift idea? Try our homemade Chai Tea Mix!

Nothing says you care like a homemade gift.  Also, nothing warms the heart and body like a fresh cup of Chai Tea on a cold winter morning.  Dr. Brooke and the AIM crew are making some special homemade Chai Tea and offering it for sale here at the clinic.  When you are in for a … Continued

Low Carb Lovin’ on a Plate: Spicy Stuffed Peppers

Sometimes, only spicy will do. Earlier this week, such was the case at the House of Hyra (otherwise known as Casa de Kindra). The solution? Matt whipped up some of the most delicious beef stuffed peppers ever sampled by man or beast. (Ok, so we didn’t endeavor to test that, but we’re pretty sure it’s … Continued

Dr. Brooke’s Secret Sauce, er, Smoothie Recipes

The debate over “whole foodism” and supplementation continues on our Facebook page, and because some of you have asked, here are Dr. Brooke’s yogurt-based smoothie recipes. As you will see, all of these are whole food based. They are also incredibly delicious. As a matter of fact, they “may” have been modeled off those on … Continued

5 Ways to Start The Day: Kindra’s Protein Shake Concoctions

Yesterday on Facebook we posted a tip from the minds at Metabolic Effect about replacing cereal with a protein shake in order to get the body into fat burning mode and start the day off right. In response, one of our favorite followers asked us a very logical question: “Got any good shake recipes?” Turns … Continued